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«Theory of heraldry»

In the textbook «Theory of heraldry» Andrey Zakoretskiy is bring light to main aspects of heraldry as an extra historical discipline. The book is a compilation of special, scientific, popular editions of different periods. In this book are represented the basic rules and aspects of heraldry. The book has a number of tables and diagrams needed for understanding the material.

This book is intended for students of cultural and arts universities, art schools and historical departments. It will be interesting both for specialists in heraldry and for general public.

Дизайн серии фоторамок для «Белая Долина™» Дизайн серии фоторамок для «Белая Долина™»

The author plans the preparation of the second part of the book, covering aspects of common no heraldic figures and other elements of the arms.